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Our route takes us from the north exit, along Euston Road to the left turn into Melton Street. We cross Melton Street at the junction with Euston Street and go up the four steps towards the southwest entrance to the station.

Alternatively, you could leave platform 1, westbound, via the lifts to the south entrance, though we found no accessible crossings of Euston Road within the scope of this survey. Details in the Environs section may be helpful, though I wouldn't try it myself without assistance.

Detailed Route

Leave the station via the north exit, turn left and continue to the first corner. This is Melton Street. If you cross Melton Street here, you're heading towards Euston Bus Station which is beyond the scope of our current survey. We don't recommend you take this route to the mainline station as you'll have to find your way across the extensive plaza which is generously strewn with obstacles.

Turn left into Melton Street and continue to the first corner, (Euston Street). The Zebra crossing towards Euston station is immediately on your right, indicated by tactile paving. Cross Melton Street here, this is a double crossing with a tactile island in the middle.

Having crossed Melton Street, move to your left, a couple of metres then go up four steps. Continue straight forward, past Sainsbury's and the bike hire space on your left, until you reach the door to the station, which is at the beginning of the passage to the southwest corner of the concourse. Go through the door.

Continue along the short passage. The lifts to the Underground concourse are to your right before you reach the main concourse. The escalators to the underground station are at about 11 o'clock from the end of the passage.

For the alternative entrance to the Underground station, turn left, continue forward, past the ticket office and Station Reception, to the far side of the concourse. Turn right and take the first left for the entrance to the suburban section, platforms 8 - 11, which is about opposite the middle of the concourse.

See our guide to Euston Underground Station and our guide to Euston mainline station for more information.

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