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This is a through station on the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines.


The station has two separate platforms which run approximately east/west beneath Euston Road with platform 1, westbound, lying south of platform 2. The concourse is, in effect, a subway which crosses Euston Road and bridges the tracks near the west end of the station.

There is lift and stairs access from the south entrance to platform 1, westbound. there is stairs-only access to the concourse from each entrance and from there to each platform.

Note that there are two lifts, Lift A between street and concourse levels, Lift B between concourse and platform levels. There are, however, four steps between this section of the concourse and the passage to platforms, so the only useful step-free route is via the two lifts which take you from the south entrance to platform 1, westbound.


There is stairs access throughout this station and lift access between the south entrance and platform 1, westbound. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but only the westbound platform is accessible to wheelchairs.

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