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The entrance, which is on the east side of the concourse, is divided into three by pillars, metal gates can close each section. Four pillars effectively divide the concourse into three rectangular sections of which the middle is clear of obstructions.

To enter the station, go west, up a slight slope then one step into the concourse.

Outside the Gates

East Side, Going South

  3 entrances separated by pillars
2 phones

South Wall, Going West

gap before gate line

West Side, Going North

  4 automatic exits
2 automatic entrances
5 automatic exits
automatic entrance
assistance box
gate line retreats west
3 automatic entrances
manual gate

North Wall, Going East

  ticket sales window
leaflet rack
ticket sales window
blank door
fares information
4 ticket machines

East Wall, Going South

  map of area
pocket map dispenser
large Tube map
wall retreats east to exits

Within the Concourse

There are four pillars, set in two rows of two, one row in line with each of the outer entrances.

Inside the Gates

North Wall, Going Eastt from the East Exit to Platform 1


East Wall, Going South

  blank wall
through arch into concourse
blank door
blank door
assistance window
gate line
wall juts out

South Side


Continuing South Side, Beyond the Gate Line

  Oyster card reader
carnet validator
gate to close the FCC part of the station
blank door
through arch
blank to end

South Wall, Going West

  gents toilets
ladies toilets

West Wall, Going North

  stairs to/from platform 4, divided by central rail
blank wall of bridge
stairs from platform 2 (left side, separated from right by rail)
stairs to platform 2
wall retreats west

South side


continuing West wall

stairs to platform 1
wall juts east

North Wall


Continuing West Wall

  stairs from platform 1, west exit

North Wall, Going East

  double blank door, fire exit
wall juts south

East Wall


continuing North Wall

  fire alarm button
wall retreats north

West Wall


Continuing North Wall

  bricks stick out at head height
wall retreats north

West Side

  stairs from platform 1, east exit

Continuing North Wall

  blank to corner

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