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To Reach

At street level, a passage runs from your right (north) as you face the ticket sales windows at the Station Place entrance. There's a Link cash machine and a coffee bar on your right as you enter the passage.

Turn left (west) then right (north) and go up 12 steps, going north, to the intermediate level. Note there are two sets of stairs separated by a wall. We presume, from the general intention to keep left through this station, that the second set would be the entrance, whilst the first would be the exit.

The Passage

The stairs to the island platforms, 3 - 4, 5 - 6 and 7 - 8, leave the left (south) side of the passage with two flights of steps going up south onto each island platform. There are ticket machines for National Rail services on this left-hand (south) side.

The steps to the mainline platforms 1 - 2 are on the opposite (north) side, a short distance east of the top of the steps from street level.

Spiral staircases leave from the right (north) side of the passage to the London Underground platforms, that for platforms 3 - 4 (southbound) then 1 - 2 (northbound). There are ticket machines for London Underground services on this right-hand (north) side of the passage and Oyster card readers to each side before the top of each set of steps.

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