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The station is located under Piccadilly, which runs approximately east/west, a few metres east of the junction with Stratton Street which runs north.

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits from the concourse:

The South Exit

Leave the concourse, going south. From here, you can:

At the top of the ramp, you can either turn left (east) then left again after a few metres, up a ramp going north, to Piccadilly South, some users may find this a bit steep. There are bollards across the foot of this second ramp.

The equivalent path to the right (west), including toilets, was blocked at the time of our survey.

The West Exit

This was closed at the time of our survey, we understand it is to be open by 30 November 2011.

Go down six steps from the concourse, going west.

South Side, Going West

  blank door
2 double blank doors

West End

entrance to ladies toilets

From this exit, you can go up 14 then 16 steps, going west, before turning right (north) onto Piccadilly South, a few metres west of bus stop H.

North Side, going east

  wall juts out
entrance to gents toilet
2 blank doors
blank double door, before the six steps to concourse level
blank door
2 ticket machines
wall turns left, into the concourse

The Northwest Exit

The passage leads north, you go up seven steps, going north. At this level, a passage from the northeast entrance, joins from the right (east). Before the next set of steps, you can turn right (180 degrees) for Piccadilly North. Otherwise, go up four, then 17 steps, going north, turn left (west), then down one step onto the east side of Stratton Street. Piccadilly is a few metres to your left.

If you take the turning right (east) for Piccadilly North, turn right again (south) and go up 19 steps, going south to Piccadilly North. There's a map kiosk outside this entrance,against the kerb and M&S to your left (east), beyond three windows.

The Northeast Exit

The passage leads north, you go up seven steps, going north. At this level, a passage from the northwest entrance joins from the left, there's an M&S Simply Food in front of you.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Piccadilly

On the North Side of Piccadilly

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