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This is a through station on the Jubilee Line, which runs approximately northwest/southeast; the Piccadilly Line, running east/west and the Victoria Line, running north/south through the station.


The rectangular concourse at Level -1 is divided into two sections by the gate line running approximately north/south. The entrances/exits (see the Environs page for details) and ticket sales facilities are in the western half, whilst the lifts and escalators to/from platforms are in the east.

There are three island platforms:

This station is established on five levels which, in descending order, include:

Note that lifts between Level -3 and Level -4 simply have up and down indicators so that Level -4 isn't indicated by the signage within the station. Note also that the Jubilee Line platforms are at a significantly lower level than the Piccadilly.

Escalators to the Piccadilly Line lead east from the northeast corner of the concourse; those towards the Jubilee Line lead south from the southeast corner, whilst escalators to the Victoria Line lead south near the southwest corner of the area inside the gates.

The lifts to the Victoria Line and interconnecting passages at Level -3 are in the southwest corner of the area inside the gates.

The escalators towards the Jubilee Line from the concourse lead to a passage which continues south before veering southeast to the second set of escalators which go southeast down to platform level.

The main interconnecting passages at Level -3 include a T-configuration of which the main leg leads generally north from above the Jubilee Line to the east/west passage parallel to the Piccadilly. the south end of this passage leads, up steps to the Victoria Line. See the detailed description of the intermediate level for details.

There is lift access from this intermediate level to the Jubilee and Piccadilly Line platforms.


There is lift access throughout this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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