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The intermediate level in this station includes the passages between the platforms. It comprises the level between the two sets of escalators from the concourse to the Jubilee Line level and the passages between the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria Line platforms.

We identify five passages:

  1. The long passage, leading generally north from the Jubilee Line towards the Piccadilly.
  2. The passage running east/west parallel with the Piccadilly Line, across the end of passage 1, between the Piccadilly and Victoria lines.
  3. The passage running south, then southeast between the escalators from the concourse and those to the Jubilee Line.
  4. The passage from the Victoria Line to passage 3.
  5. The passage to the Victoria Line from passage 3.

Passage 1, From the Jubilee Line

This passage runs essentially north from the Jubilee Line to a juntion with passage 2, opposite the Jubilee Line exit from the Piccadilly Line platforms.

The passage begins northeast from between the tops of the entrance and exit steps (16 plus 16 steps from each) from the Jubilee Line platforms.

The Northeast Section

Southeast Side

  steps from Jubilee Line

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  steps to Jubilee Line
Lift E, to Jubilee Line, call button to right of door

The passage turns left (north). You go up a slight slope, there's a metal rail along the middle of the passage, keep right. The rail is intermittent, along the middle of the passage.

There's a help point on each side, about half way along the passage.

At the end of the passage (200 metres or so) you come to a T-junction with passage 2, turn left (west) for the Victoria, right (east) for the Piccadilly Line.

Passage 2

This passage runs west from the entrance to the Piccadilly Line, across the end of passage 1, to the Victoria Line.

There's a rail along the middle of some sections of this passage, keep right.

North side, Going West

  passage to Piccadilly Line
exit to Jubilee Line
exit to Victoria Line

The passage to the Piccadilly Line crosses the westbound track before turning right, down 19 steps, going east to platform level.

The exit to the Jubilee Line goes up 19 steps, going east. There's a blank door to your left (north) at the top of the steps. Turn right (south) across the westbound track, into passage 2. You're opposite the beginning of passage 1.

From the exit to the Victoria Line, you go up 18 steps, going east. Lift D is in front of you. Turn right (south) and cross the westbound track into passage 2.

Continuing North Side

  passage slopes down steeply
passage levels out before foot of steps to Victoria Line

South Side, Going West

  blank wall
wall retreats
passage 1, from Jubilee Line
wall with billboards
steep slope down
Help point
passage levels out
passage from Victoria Line and lifts
foot of steps to Victoria Line

The passage veers left (southwest) then right (west) towards lifts B and C at the west end. The steps from the Victoria Line lead down north into this passage, just east of the lifts.

Passage 3, Between the Escalators to the Jubilee Line

As you leave the escalators from the concourse, this passage runs south then veers left southeast to the second set of escalators.

West Side

  help point
passage veers left (southeast)
Tube map
passage 5, to Victoria Line passage 4, from Victoria Line

See the Jubilee Line Platforms page for details.

Passage 4, From the Victoria Line

This passage runs east from the 19 steps up from the Victoria Line,then veers left (northeast) before reaching passage 3, turn right here for escalators to the Jubilee Line.

Passage 5, to the Victoria Line

This passage runs southwest from passage 3, then veers right (west) to the top of the 19 steps down to the Victoria Line.

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