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Both exits are reached via the bridge, towards the west end of the platforms.

On National Rail services, the doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train, you'll normally arrive on platform 1 (westbound) or 2 (southbound).

On London Underground services, however, the doors can open on either side, with westbound services using platforms 3 - 4 and southbound services using platforms 5 - 6.

Trains towards Amersham or Watford will normally use platform 3, with the doors opening on your right, whilst trains towards Uxbridge will normally use platform 4, with the doors opening on your left.

On leaving the train, move towards the front (westbound) or rear (southbound) to locate the stairs to the bridge.

From platform 3 or 4, go up two flights of steps onto the bridge. From other platforms go up two flights of steps. From platforms 1 or 2 turn right, up 5 more steps and follow the left side to locate the exit gates on your left. From platform 3 or 4, bear left, avoiding the pillar, the exit gates are about 11 o’clock from the top left of the steps. From platform 5 or 6, turn left, up 5 more steps. Follow the left hand side, pass the stairs from platforms 3 and 4 before turning right to locate the exit gates.

Go through the gates. For the south exit to the car park, turn left and continue, down two flights of stairs from the end of the bridge.

For the main entrance, turn right and follow the left wall to reach the stairs to the forecourt. Go down two flights of steps.

For the bus station, turn left and follow the left hand wall, avoiding the gap, down the slope. Turn left at the end of the building and go down six steps, cross the road to the bus station, in front of you.

For the taxi rank, continue forward from the foot of the steps from the bridge, , across the forecourt, down six steps to the taxi rank, in front of you. Note, you may need to bear slightly left to avoid the flower stall to your right.

For the pedestrian crossing towards the shopping centres, continue forward, from the foot of the steps from the bridge. You go down the slope, avoiding various traders' stalls then continue, bearing left (11 o'clock) from the foot of the slope, towards the crossing.
Note, there are bike stands and other obstacles to your left and trade stalls to your right as you cross this busy pavement.

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