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The covered forecourt is accessed via a slope or six steps up from the pavement on the south side of College Road. The slope brings you into the northeast corner of the forecourt.

The steps run along the north side of the forecourt and from the bus station entrance road onto the northwest corner.

The Forecourt

East Side, Going South


South Side, Going West

The row of shops continues up the ramp to the foot of the stairs to the bridge. Note, the wall bears right (from northwest to west) before you reach the stairs.

  Costa Coffee
wall retreats across side entrance to Costa Coffee
Snax, double unit
fruit stall
unisex hair dresser
Stairs to bridge, divided into three sets by rails
Wenzels Bakers

West Side, Going North

entrance to bus station, down slope, normally closed
blank window/door
Elegance Dry Cleaners
vacant offices, with revolving door
steps towards bus station

North Side

  steps onto pavement, towards the taxi rank
bike racks
flower stall
top of slope

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