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The station is located to the west of Station Road and is formed around a bridge over the tracks, between Churchill Place to the south and Ellen Webb Drive to the north.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two entrances. The main entrance is onto a small forecourt in the southwest corner of the junction between Wealdstone High Street (north), Station Road (south), Ellen Webb Drive (west) and Masons Avenue (south of east). The second (south) entrance is accessed from the station car park off Churchill Place.

Local Taxis

The paved area outside the main entrance is bounded by a taxi lay-by (to the north), a cycle track (to the west) and the station building (to the south). The booking hall juts out from the rest of the building.

Local Phones

If you follow the building round to your left, as you leave the station, you turn left (south), pass two blank doors, before you reach the wall. There are five coin and card phone boxes to your right at this point.

Local Road Crossings

There's a zebra crossing over Station Road to your right, as you leave the main entrance. Go to the end of the building and follow the obvious tactile paving.

To reach Wealdstone, go to the kerb, turn left and follow the pavement round to your right. You pass a post (marking the end of the taxi lay-by), a lamp post and bin, before you reach the tactile paving for the crossing towards Masons Avenue. There's a badly positioned post, to your left, indicating the bicycle track, as you reach the tactile paving. Continue, following the pavement round to your left, to locate the crossing of Ellen Webb Drive.

The crossing towards Masons Avenue has a push button and rotating cone to each side. You cross to a triangular island in the junction between Station Road, (right) and Masons Avenue (front). Bear left to locate the crossing of the north side of Masons Avenue (towards the High Street), this crossing also has a push button and rotating cone to each side. Note, whilst there's tactile paving indicating a way across the south side of Masons Avenue (to your right, as you reach the island), there's no traffic light controlled crossing at this point.

The crossing of Ellen Webb Drive (towards the High Street) is a two-stage crossing. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross each stage in either direction.

There's a single-stage crossing of the High Street, just north of the junction, with the push button to your right (as you cross in either direction).

Local Buses

On Station Road

Bus Stop M, for the southbound 140, 182, 186, 258, 340, 640 school bus and N18 is on the east side of Station Road, about 30 metres south of the station.

The equivalen stop for northbound buses, Stop N, is in a lay-by on Station Road, about 30 metres south of the main entrance.

On Ellen Webb Way

Bus Stop J, on the south side, a few metres west of the crossing serves H9 towards Harrow. The equivalent, Stop H, serving H10 towards Kenton, is almost opposite, on the north side.

Local Features

There's a general store selling train tickets and Oyster card top-up's on the east side of Station Road, between the crossing from the station and Masons Avenue.

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