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This section describes the lifts between the Walkway and Terminal 1, plus the lifts in the Underground station. Note that Terminal 3 is at walkway level.

In the Underground Station

There are two lifts in the Underground station, between the island platform, at Level -1 and the Walkway, at Level 0. Note that the entrance and exit routes are separate, see below.

At Level -1, Platform

You go in from the passage nearest the east end of the platform facing west. There’s a single call button (Up) between the lifts. You leave at Level 0 facing west and continue, through one of the three exit gates, in front of you, into the walkway.

At Level 0, Walkway

You go through the entrance gates to your right (south) of the exits and continue (east) beyond the lift building, turn left (north) then left again (west) towards the lifts. There’s a single call button (Down) between the lifts, you go in facing west.

At platform level, you leave the lifts facing west into the second passage from the east end of the platform.

Inside the Lifts

There’s a control panel on each side of each lift with buttons arranged in three rows:

To Terminal 1

There are two lifts at the north end of the main passage of the Walkway.

Note that the leveldesignations are not consistent with those used for the Underground station, where the Walkway is defined as Level 0.

At Level 0, you can turn left (northwest) for the lifts to the Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 Mainline Station. Details of the terminal itself lie beyond the scope of this survey.

At Level 0, Arrivals

The call buttons (Up and Down) are between the lifts, you go in facing southwest.

At Level -1, Walkway

The call button (Up) is between the lifts, you go in facing northeast.

Inside the Lifts

The control panel is to your right (southeast) with buttons arranged in four rows:

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