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This walkway links the Underground station with Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Terminal 1 lies north of the station, whilst Terminal 3 is to the southwest. Terminal 2 wasn't open at the time of our survey, but we presume this is to the east, just south of the gateline for the lifts.

This is a long passage, with travellators leading towards terminals 1 and 3. the left-hand travellator is normally the one you need, there's a walkway between these. Each terminal can be reached via lifts to all levels. Note that the Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 Mainline Station lies west of the Underground station and is also reached via lifts from within the terminals.

Although there is escalator access between the station and terminals, we recommend you use the lifts as these offer simpler routes, particularly from the higher levels.

The Main Passage, Going South from the Lifts to Terminal 1

Northeast End, Going Southeast

  upward escalator
2 lifts, call button (Up) in middle

The passage starts leading southwest. You go down a steep(ish) slope which eases before the passage veers left (south).

East Side

  passage from ramp and escalators from Terminal 1
travellator towards Underground station
passage to buses, coaches and toilets
3 automatic exits from lifts
2 automatic entrances to lifts
passage to Terminal 2, closed at the time of our survey
passage veers right (southwest)
travellator towards Terminal 3, two stages
passage veers right (northwest) then left (southwest)
passage leading southeast to Terminal 3 Departures
main passage continues southwest to Terminal 3 Arrivals

West Side

  travellator from Underground station
6 automatic exits from escalators
entrance to ticket hall
passage leading west then north towards entrance gate line
passage veers right (southwest)
travellator from Terminal 3, in two stages, walkway along middle of passage
passage veers right (northwest) then left (southwest)
passage to Mainline station leads northwest
main passage continues southwest to Terminal 3 Arrivals

The Passage to Way Out, Buses, Coaches and Toilets

This leads east from the main passage, just north of the exit gates from the lifts to the Underground Station.

North Side

help point

South Side


East End

  2 escalators

The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. Details of the airport itself lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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