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There is stairs-access between the near ends of the Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria Line platforms. We’ll consider these in relation to the foot of the escalators from Level -2 of the Tube Concourse towards the Piccadilly Line.

To the Northern Line

From the foot of the escalators, take the second turning on your left (west).

You go down 10 then 10 steps going west. The passage continues then turns left (south).

  help point on right
slope up
levels out before steps
go down six steps, going south
turn right (west)

You then go down 13 steps, going west onto platform 8, southbound which runs west from here.

To the Victoria Line

From the foot of the escalators, take the first turning right (east) into an area with:

North Side

  passage from platform 5

East Side


South Side

  passage to Victoria Line

West Side, Going North

  down escalator to Northern Line
middle escalator, direction can vary
up escalator from Northern Line
gap to foot of escalators to Piccadilly Line

Note that the turns between the escalators for the Northern and Piccadilly lines are not right angles, you're actually turning from east to west of south.

The Passage to the Victoria Line

You go up six steps, going south, turn right (west) and go up six steps, going west. Turn left (south), go up three steps, going south. Turn left (east), go up 11 then seven steps, going east. Turn right (south) into the concourse at the foot of the Victoria Line escalators.

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