The LEVEL -2

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This is the new section of the station at Level -2. It includes the passage (north/south) between the escalators from the Northern Concourse and those towards the Northern Line and the passage leading to the Piccadilly and Victoria Line platforms. Note that this passage joins the original passage from the Pentonville Road exit.

The Main Passage

North End, Going West

  2 down escalators
2 up escalators
wall with blank door
recess to lift to Northern concourse, call button to right of door

West Side, Going South

wall juts east with blank doors

South Side, Going West

  down escalator
middle escalator
up escalator

East Side

  passage towards Piccadilly and Victoria lines

The Passage to Piccadilly and Victoria Lines

The passage, which seemed to have a distinctive echo at the time of our survey, leads east, sloping slightly upwards. there's a help point on the left (north) side. The passage continues with billboards each side, before veering slightly right, through normally open fire doors, into the area at the top of the escalators to the Piccadilly Line.

The Area at the Top of the Escalators to the Piccadilly Line

West Side, Going North

  passage from foot of escalators from Northern Concourse
blank wall

South Side, Going East

recess to lift to Piccadilly Line, call button on left

East Side, Going North

  passage continues towards Victoria Line
help point
wall juts out before top of escalators

North Side , Going East

  down escalator
middle escalator
up escalator

Continuing East

The passage continues, signed Victoria Line and way out Pentonville Road.

The passage veers left (northeast). You go up a slope, there's a help point on the left-hand (northwest) side. The passage narrows with a hand rail to each side, the slope steepens, before we join the original passage from the Pentonville Road entrance. The turning left is closed, continue (northeast), there’s a hand rail to each side. The passage levels out and turns right (southeast) to cross the tracks to the Victoria Line.

The turning left is the original entrance to the Victoria Line, whilst that to the right is the new stairs and lift entrance.

The passage continues, with billboards to each side, then veers left (east). You pass a help point to each side, as the passage continues, up then down a slope, to the Pentonville Road exit. There's an Oyster card reader to each side before you reach the foot of the escalator/stairs.

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