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This concourse, which is between the Western and Northern concourses, gives escalator access to the Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. there is also lift access to the Northern Line. Note that lift access to the Piccadilly and Victoria lines is via the Northern Concourse.

This concourse is on two levels. The Level -1 section is the passage between the Western Concourse and the passage towards the Northern Concourse, whilst the Level -2 section includes the gate line, the lift to the Northern Line and escalators towards the lower platforms.

The Level -1 Section

This passage starts north then curves gradually to your right, across the top of the steps to the Level -2 section. The passage continuing this curve towards the steps to King's Cross Mainline Station is now closed and a new passage leads north, past the lift and steps to the mainline station, towards the Northern Concourse.

West Side, Going North

  Tube map
barrier for queuing system

You go to the far end of the barrier, turn left. Windows are numbered 1 to 4, from south to north. You leave facing north.

Continuing North

  3 ticket machines
Fastticket machine
ticket machine
control room, not for public access
passage continues (north) towards Northern concourse

There are eight sets of seven steps from the east side to the Level -2 section. The entrances are generally to your left (north) as you face away from the ticket sales windows.

Level -2, Outside the Gates

This is an irregular shaped area with the steps from Level -1 to the west and the gate line to the east. A barrier divides this area into entrance (north) and exit (south).

North Side

  blank door
Station Supervisorís office

East Side, Going South

  manual gate, entrance
9 automatic entrances
pillar with information board, barrier dividing concourse>br> nine automatic exits
manual gate, exit

South End

  blank door

West Side, Going North

  lift to Level -1 and street level
eight sets of steps to Level -1

Inside the Gates

This is the area at the top of the escalators towards the lower platforms. A passage from the south end leads towards the Metropolitan Line, whilst the recess at the north end leads to the lift to the Northern Line.

North Side, Going East

  assistance window
recess to lift to Northern Line, lift on east side, call button south of door
wall 2 blank doors to top of escalators

East side, Going South

  escalators to Piccadilly and Northern lines, the left-hand is normally the one you need
fire point
blank door
escalators to Victoria Line, the left-hand is normmaly the one you need

South Side, Going West

  3 Tube line maps
blank door
help point
commemorative clock to those who died in the fire of 1987
passage to Metropolitan Line

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