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Staff are available beside each manual gate, the gates you need are to your left-hand of the gate lines in the Underground concourse and Old Broad Street entrances, but to your right within the north concourse.

Staff will escort you to your platform on request and arrange for someone to meet you at your destination station.

Alternatively, you can ask for assistance at the ticket sales windows, in either the Underground and north concourse. The two windows in the north entrance from Old Broad Street were closed at the time of our survey and we noticed no windows within the arcade area.

In the Underground Concourse

There are three ticket sales windows behind a Tensa queuing system, beyond the left-hand end of the gate line as you enter from the Network Rail concourse. These windows are numbered 1 to 3 from left to right. The queuing system takes you left (east) then right, then left again towards the windows. The number of the next available window is clearly announced.

In the North Concourse

There are two sales windows before the right-hand end of the gate line, as you enter the concourse from the passage.

Help Points

There are help points throughout this station, see the Help Points page for details.

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