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The mainline station lies west of Bishops Gate (north/south) and north of Liverpool Street (east/west. Old Broad Street runs south from Liverpool Street, past two entrances to the Underground. The west portion of Liverpool Street is pedestrianised.

Old Broad Street finishes at Liverpool Street, the continuation (north) along the west side of the station is primarily used by buses.

The former Broad Street Station, lying west of Liverpool Street Mainline Station, has been replaced by a shopping and leisure development which lies beyond the scope of this survey.

The Underground station concourse lies south of the mainline station, within the same building.

Entrances and Exits of the Underground Station

There are five entrances to the Underground Station:

From the Network Rail Concourse

Go down ten steps, going south, into the Underground concourse. This is a wide entrance, with eight sets of steps separated by rails.

The North Entrance

You enter a short passage leading southeast from the corner of Liverpool Street and Old Broad Street, leading towards the gates.

Left-hand (northeast) Side, Going Southeast

  blank door
water meter door
two large blank doors
help point
wall retreats
Oyster card machine
ticket machine
2 fast ticket machines
wall veers right (south)

East Side, Going South

  2 ticket windows, closed at the time of our survey

South Side, Going West

  manual gate
six automatic gates, use left-hand ones
Manual gate
wall retreats
2 fire doors

West Side, Going North

blank door
2 billboards
wall veers left
5 billboards
exit onto Old Broad Street

The South Entrance

You go up a slope into the arcade, going east. Follow the left-hand (north) side and turn left towards the gates. The left-hand gates are the ones you need.

Details of the arcade lie beyond the scope of this survey.

From the Mainline Station, Beside Platform 1

This entrance is open between 07:00 and 20:30, Monday to Friday.

You enter the passage immediately left (west) of platform 1, go down four steps, going north then turn right (east). Continue, down 12 then 12 steps, going east. As you continue, down the slope, you pass a help point on your left before you reach the north concourse. the steps are divided into two sections by a central rail.

From the Mainline Station, Between Platforms 8 and 9

This entrance is only open between 07:00 and 20:30, Monday to Friday.

You enter the passage leading north, between platforms 8 and 9 then go down five steps, going south. turn left (west), go down 16 steps going west, pass three billboards on your right, before going down 10 steps, going west and continue down the slope to the north concourse. The steps are divided into two sections by a central rail.

The Passage Between These Entrances

South Side, Going West
  large billboards
HSBC cash point
Nationwide cash point
large billboard
pay phone
North Side, Going West
Hemsai Food and Wine
gap to north concourse
blank wall to steps

Entrances and Exits of the Mainline Station

For completeness, we'll include the entrances/exits to the mainline station. We report three of these, in addition to the bus stops described below:

The Liverpool Street Entrance

From the top of the steps from the Underground concourse, turn left (west) to the steps then go up 16 steps, going west. From here you can either turn right (north) onto the high level walkway, or left (south). Turning left, go up 12 steps, going south to street level.

You’re now in a forecourt which lies north of Liverpool Street. MacDonald’s is to our left, whilst the monument to Jewish children is to our right. Continuing South, we go down five or six steps onto the pedestrianised section of Liverpool Street. There are actually two sets of these steps separated by an ornamental feature. The west set has six steps whilst the east has five. There are bike racks to your right (west) of these steps.

The taxi rank occupies the eastern section of Liverpool Street. The drop-off is on the far (south) side, whilst the pick-up is on the north.

The forecourt extends west to the continuation of Old Broad Street, which slopes up to the north such that the steps from the forecourt diminish as you move north.

There’s a higher level walkway with shops around a significant part of the station, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey. There are four bus stops on the east side of Old Broad Street, each of which can be accessed from this walkway. See the local buses section for details.

The Entrance onto the West Side of Bishops Gate

This entrance is in the southeast corner of the station and is reached via escalators and steps from the Network Rail concourse. Turn right (east) from the top of the steps from the Underground concourse and continue, past the main ticket office and other features, to the east side of the station. There are two escalators with central stairs. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. If you use the stairs, you go up 15 then 15 steps, going east.

You exit onto a forecourt with various vendors, continue east, down two steps going east onto the west pavement of Bishops Gate.

The Subway Exit to the East Side of Bishops Gate

You leave (east) from a point just south of the escalators.

North Side, Going East

  2 banks of phones
3 seats
large pillar
passage leading north to platforms 17 and 18
down seven steps, going east
slope down
slope up
2 billboards
up three then 16 steps, going east, onto a landing

The Landing

North Side
East Side, Going South
newspaper box
South Side
West Side, Going North
  steps up
steps down

Go up 16 steps, going west to street level. You’re on the east side of Bishops Gate, opposite the forecourt outside the main entrance to the station.

Local Road Crossings

The only significant crossing is that of Bishops Gate, from the forecourt, though we suggest you use the subway described above to cross this busy road.

Local Buses

On the East Side of Old Broad Street

Each bus stop has a gap in the station wall and a waiting area marked by rails. There are four bus stops, from the north:

On the West Side of Bishops Gate

There are three stops:

On the East Side of Bishops Gate

There are two stops:

Local Features

The significant features relate to the Broadgate development, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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