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This is a through station on the Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines.


The Central Line is served by an island platform, running north/south, at low level, with platform 4, eastbound lying west of platform 5, westbound.

The Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines are served by separate platforms running east/west, slightly below concourse level, with platform 1, westbound lying south of platform 2, eastbound. For the sake of brevity, we shall refer to these platforms as the "Metropolitan Line platforms".

Note that platform 3 is not used.

Three bridges cross these tracks:

The concourse is divided into two sections by the gate line which generally runs east/west, with the manual gate and entrances near the east end.

The outer concourse, (before the gates) is an irregular, almost hexagonal shape, which is reached via ten steps down from the Network Rail concourse. The ticket sales machines and windows are towards your left-hand (east) side of this space, adjacent to the manual gate and automatic entrances.

The Inner concourse is almost rectangular, with the longer side parallel to platform 2. The near (north) side has an irregular extension from the rectangle, to the gate line.

Along the far (south) side of this space, from left to right (east to west) are the steps onto the central bridge, to platform 1, the entrance, down three steps onto platform 2, the steps to the west bridge, the main exit, up three steps, from platform 2 and the exit, again up three steps, from platform 2 towards the escalators to the Central Line.

The escalators to the Central Line leave (north) from the northwest corner of this space. There are three escalators, of which you'd normally use the left-hand one. There's a barrier extending (south) between the left-hand and central escalators, to separate the entrance and exit routes from the Central Line.

Alternative entrances/exits from the Central Line lead via escalators to a north concourse, beneath the mainline station. Passages from this north concourse lead to the mainline platforms, beside platform 1 or between platforms 8 and 9.


There is only stairs access between the Netwowrk Rail concourse and Underground concourse and thence to Metropolitan Line platforms 1 and 2. There is also only stairs access between the Old Broad Street entrances and these platforms. We therefore believe that the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Line section of this station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

There is only escalator access to/from the Central Line from either the Underground or north concourses. We therefore believe this section of the station is not accessible to Guide Dog or wheelchair users.

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