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This bridge connects the Underground concourse to each platform and the Old Broad Street exits.

The Bridge

From the eastbound, platform 2, you go up 17 steps, going west, turn left (south) then go up ten steps, going south. From here, you can turn right (west) to go up further steps to Old Broad Street.

Alternatively, from the “Steps to Broad Street” within the concourse, you go up seven then seven steps, going south. The 17 steps down east onto the platform are now to your left. Continue south up ten steps, going south onto the bridge.

Continuing south, go down ten steps, going south,. You can turn either right or left here. Turning right (west) continue for a few metres before going down 16 steps, going west, onto the platform. Note that these steps are in the middle of the platform, you can turn right towards the train, or left (180 degrees) into the area behind the three sets of steps to this platform.

If you turn left you go down eight, then eight steps, going east onto the platform.

To Old Broad Street

Turning right (west) from the bridge, you go up seven steps, going west into the area between the two gate lines. This entrance/exit is open between 07:00 and 20:30 Monday to Friday.

To your left (south) are the gates into the Metropolitan Arcade, whilst to your right (north) are gates towards the corner of Liverpool Street and Old Broad Street.

The Right-Hand (North) Gate Line, Going West

  manual gate
2 automatic entrances
2 automatic exits

West Side, Going South

  assistance window
Tube map
map of area

South Side, Going East

  manual gate
six automatic gates, use the left-hand ones
manual gate

East Side, Going North

  2 billboards
wall juts out west

North Side

  blank door

Continuing East Side

steps down to west bridge

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