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This is a through station on the Jubilee Line, which runs northeast/southwest and the City Branch of the Northern Line, which runs north/south through the station.


For the sake of convenience, we'll consider this station as being on three groups of levels. The concourse level, includes the main concourse off Duke Street Hill, plus the street level concourse on the east side of Borough High Street and the lower concourse under Borough High Street. Platform level includes the platforms for the Northern and Jubilee Lines, whilst an intermediate level comprises the interconnecting passages between the platforms and escalators.

There are two island platforms:

Each of these island platforms has a central reservation. That for the Northern Line has the steps from the intermediate level at the south end and steps up to the intermediate level from the middle, leading east towards the exit.

The central reservaition of the Jubilee Line platforms has escalators from the main concourse in the northeast, and from the lower concourse in the southwest, whilst steps from the middle lead northwest to the intermediate level.

The main concourse, inside the gates is divided into two parts, an exit from the Northern Line to the west and the entrance/exit to both lines east of this.

The main concourse, outside the gates is also divided into two sections at slightly different levels. The upper level, to the west is outside the gate line to the Northern Line, whilst the lower section, to the east is outside the gate line to the Jubilee Line. There are five steps separating these levels. This change of level is made via a ramp inside the gates, between the entrance to the Northern Line and the entrance/exit for the Jubilee Line.

Escalators near the southeast corner of the main concourse lead down south to a passage at the intermediate level. This passage veers right (southwest), leading to a second set of escalators to the Jubilee Line platforms. Escalators towards the southwest corner of the entrance section lead south to the intermediate level).

The intermediate level comprises the passages between escalators and platforms, we identify six principal passages. In the absence of any meaningful names, we'll number these as follows:

  1. Between the two sets of escalators between the main concourse and Jubilee Line. This passage leaves south from the foot of the upper set of escalators, then veers right (southwest) to the top of the lower escalators.
  2. From the foot of the escalators from the main concourse towards the Northern Line. This passage leaves south then curves right (west) to a T-junction with passage 3.
  3. From the foot of the escalators from the lower concourse, leading north to steps down into the central reservation of the Northern Line platforms 1 and 2.
  4. Leads east from the top of the steps from the middle of the central reservation of the Northern Line platforms 1 and 2, to the foot of the exit-only escalators to the main concourse.
  5. From passage 4, west of the foot of the exit escalators, leading southeast, across passage 2, down five flights of steps into the central reservation of the Jubilee Line platforms 3 and 4.
  6. Leaves passage 5, east of passage 2 curving right (west) to a T-junction with passage 3, south of that with passage 2. There are two additional, parallel passages between passages 2 and 4, which will not feature further in this guide.

Escalators leading south from passage 3 and west from the Jubilee Line platforms reach the lower concourse of the Borough High Street entrance.

There's a lift between the southeast corner of the main concourse and the northeast end of the Jubilee Line platforms, another from the south end of the Northern Line platforms to the lower concourse and another between the lower and street level concourses.

Escalators lead down west from the street level to the lower concourse which is also accessed via stairs from the west side of Borough High Street.


There is lift access throughout this station. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

There are stairs-only interchanges between platforms, which should provide ready access to Guide Dog users. Though those who need to use the lifts will have to move between the main and Borough High Street entrances to change platforms in this station.

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