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This includes the passage from the foot of the escalators and stairs from the concourse, plus the entrance and exit passages. These passages bridge the tracks, running north/south, with the entrance passage lying east of the exit.

To Reach

You can reach this area from the concourse via either stairs or escalator. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need.

If you use the stairs, you go along a short passage then down three, 6 x 17 then 16 steps, going west.

From the Foot of the Escalators and Stairs

You arrive from the concourse, going west.

East End, Going South

  escalator to concourse
central stairs
escalator from concourse

The Passage from the Foot of the Escalators

The passage veers left then left again (south), with billboards each side, before you reach the entrance passage to your left (east).

Continuing South, along the exit passage, you pass the exit from the southbound, platform 2, to your right, before you reach the exit from the northbound, platform 1, on your left at the south end of this passage.

The Entrance Passage

Continuing East, you pass blank doors on your left before you reach the turning right (south). Continue (east) to the entrance to the southbound, platform 2. Otherwise, you can turn right, continue to the south end and turn left for the entrance to the northbound, platform 1.

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