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There is stairs-only access between street level and the concourse and between the concourse and platforms. There is also no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

These directions are limited to Monument Station, so as not to duplicate information in our guide to Bank Station.

Through the Concourse

See the Environs page for details of entrances and exits to this station.

The gate line is divided into three sections. At the time of our survey, the Wide Aisle Gate and the automatic gates to your right as you come in via the Fish Street Hill entrance were exits. However, as this was the only Wide Aisle gate we found, staff may operate this bi-directionally on request.

The middle section, at about 45 degrees right from these, had automatic exits to your right and entrances to your left as you face the gate line. The third section, to your left as you come in from the subway had a luggage gate at the left-hand end, then automatic entrances between this and the exits towards the right-hand end of this section as you face the gate line.

Go through the gates and turn left.

To Which Platform?

  To Platform 1, Westbound
To Platform 2, Eastbound

To Platform 1, Westbound

Continue to the wall in front of you, turn right then take the second turning left for the entrance steps. You go down a flight of steps, turn right then turn right again and go down another flight of steps to platform level.

Turn right and continue towards the platform. If you find a rail in front of you, move left around the end of this and continue onto the platform. We believe you're about in the middle of the train.


To Platform 2, Eastbound

Follow the left-hand side then take the turning left, down the left-hand set of steps. These are separated from the exit steps by a central rail. Go down seven steps, turn left then go down a flight of steps to platform level. Turn left onto the platform, we believe you're beside the rear half of the train.

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