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The station is located under and to the west of Moorfields (north/south), just north of the junction with Moorfields Walk, a pedestrian street leading west.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station

The Metropolitan Line entrance

This offers level access into the Metropolitan Line concourse. There are two entrances/exits from Moorfields, with a dry cleaners between, and another from Moorfields Walk. The layout of the gates in this concourse suggests that the right-hand (north) gap is the entrance, whilst the south gap is the exit. We presume the route to/from Moorfields Walk is unspecified.

The Middle Entrance

This looks like two separate entrances, you can enter the passage from the west side of Moorgate or the east side of Noorfields.

This exit is signed to London Wall, Museum of London and Barbican Centre.

The entrance to the station leads south from a passage running east/west between Moorfields (west) and Moorgate (east).

The Passage to the Middle Entrance

East End
  level access from Moorgate
South Side, Going West
  Sushi bar
station entrance
blank wall
North Side, Going west
2 phones
shoe repair
Cards Galore
Zan, snack shop
West End
  Moorfields, two steps down to street level

The Entrance

The passage leads south with the entrance to the Sushi bar on your left (east). You go down eight, nine and eight steps, going south into the lower concourse.

The East Entrance

From the east side of Moorgate, you go down 13 steps, going east. Turn right (south) and go down six steps, going south. Turn right again (west) and go down ten steps, going west into the lower concourse. These steps are divided by a central rail, we presume you keep left.

Local Road Crossings


We found no pedestrian controlled crossing of Moorgate at the time of our survey. This is a busy road and we suggest you cross via the subway between the east and middle entrances.


This is a quieter road, though we found no formal crossings at the time of our survey.

Local Buses

West Side of Moorgate

Stop B, north of the entrance, serves buses towards Old Street and Liverpool Street, 21, 43, 76, 133, 141, 153, 205, 214, 271, N76 and N133. The 43, 204 and 214 are 24 hour services.

East Side of Moorgate

Bus Stop L, south of Finsbury Circle, serving 21, 43, 76, 133, 141, N76 and N133. The 43 is a 24 hour service.

Local Features

There’s a wide range of shops around this station, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

East Side of Moorgate, Going South from the Entrance

  Nat West bank
cross Finsbury Circus, tactile paving but no formal crossing
Bus Stop L to right

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