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This is a separate platform running along the north side of the station at level 2. The entrances/exits from the bridge and subway are at the east end, near to escalators to the Northern Line, which were under repair at the time of our survey.

Customers wishing to change to the westbound platforms 2 - 6 are asked to use the subway, whilst those arriving from those platforms are asked to use the bridge.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

From the East End

East End, Going South

  steps from subway
steps from bridge

Continuing West

There's a row of pillars along the middle of this platform.

  gap to escalators, not working at the time of our survey
pillars and seats along middle
2 ventilation grills
after five sets of seats, platform narrows
3 billboards
blank door
platform narrows again at effective end.

The rear carriage of Metropolitan Line trains stops beside the narrow section.

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