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The subway consists of a passage leading from the lower concourse towards platforms 1 - 6. We understand this is the preferred route for customers changing from the eastbound, platform 1, to platforms 2 - 6. Those changing from platforms 2 - 6 to the eastbound, platform 1, are asked to do so via the bridge.

Going West from the Lower concourse

North Side


South Side

2 blank doors
first aid point
2 blank doors
Station Supervisorís office on left, wall juts out

You go down 14 steps, going west. From here, you can continue west up 13 steps, going west onto platform 1, eastbound.

For the westbound platforms, turn left (south) go down 17 steps going south, thereís a blank door to your left (east. Turn right (southwest) and follow the passage, with billboards each side. The passage veers left (south) before you go up eight steps, going south. Turn left (east), go up nine steps, going east, there are billboards to your left. Turn right (south), then right again, (west) and go up ten steps, going west onto the east end of the bay platforms.

Platform 2, Metropolitan Line westbound is to your right with the bay platforms for the Metropolitan Line in front of you. The bay platforms 5 - 6, for the FCC service to Bedford are to your left of these.

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