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This is a through station on the London Underground Jubilee Line.


Although the layout of this station is quite simple, this is a large station designed to accommodate heavy traffic flows for the O2 Arena and other nearby facilities.

The station is established on three levels:

Street Level

This level includes the Street Level Concourse to which there is step-free access from all entrances. A lift and escalators give access to the Ticket Hall Level.

Ticket Hall Level

The station has a single gate line running north/south. The area outside the gates has the escalators and lift from the Street Level Concourse at the west end and the ticket sales area on the south.

The area inside the gates is a walkway leading east with four turnings to each side, leading to/from platforms 1 - 2 to the right (south) and platform 3 to the left (north). These turnings are, from the gate line:

Platform Level

The tracks run approximately east/west, serving three platforms. Platforms 1 - 2 are an island platform with platform 1, serving through, westbound trains between Stratford and Stanmore lying south of platform 2, which serves trains terminating here then running back towards Stanmore.

Platform 3 is a separate platform along the north side of the station serving eastbound trains between Stanmore and Stratford.


There is lift and escalator access through this station and stairs access between the Ticket Hall and platforms. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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