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This section describes the upper level (the Subway in the tactile map) and the lower level (the Concourse in the tactile map). We've put them together in the hope that this gives a better understanding of the space between the entrances/exits from street level and the stairs/escalators to the intermediate level of the station.

The upper concourse runs approximately north/south, with the station entrance, to the lower concourse, near the north end of the east side.

There are four pairs of exits (entrances) each of which is accessed via a passage running to a T-junction. Details of each exit are given in the Environs section.

The passages to exits 1 - 2 and 7 - 8 leave from the north end of the upper concourse, whilst the passage leaving the south end divides into passages for exits 3 - 4 and 5 - 6.

The Upper Concourse

The passage from exits 1 - 2 enters from the northeast

Southeast Wall, Going Southwest

  flowers and chocolate shop
Cutting Station, hair dresser
Lennies Sandwich Bar, occupies two units turning left into the concourse, tables outside

Northeast Side of concourse, Going Southeast

  pillar to right, gate can close station
Lennies Sandwich Bar
blank door
2 billboards
2 blank doors

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  station entrance
station exit

Southwest Side

  pillar in concourse
ticket machine
2 billboards
blank door
pillar to right, gate can close station

Entering the passage to exits 3 - 6

East Wall, Going South

  2 billboards
Kham, newsagent
Camden Lock Books
Cobbs, cafe
Eye Footwear

Passage to Exits 3 - 4 Leaves to Southeast

Both walls have billboards.

>Passage to Exits 5 - 6 Leaves Southwest

Both walls have billboards.

There is a pillar in the middle of the area where the passage to exits 3 - 6 forks.

North Wall, opposite fork

  Scotts Shoe Repair (on corner)

West Wall, of concourse

  hair dresser
green grocer
closed shop
gift card shop
Nin Com Soup
clothes shop
Martins, confectionary

The passage to exits 7 - 8 leaves northwest.

Southwest Wall, Going Northwest

  passage to toilets

Northeast Wall


North Wall of Concourse, Going East

  trade stall
6 phones

Passage to exits 1 - 2 leaves northeast.

Northwest Wall


The Passage to Toilets

The passage leads southwest, parallel to the passage to exit 7.

Southeast Side

  ladies toilets

Southwest End, Going Northwest

  accessible toilet
short passage leading to gents toilets

Northeast Side


The Lower Concourse

Outside the Gates

The steps from the upper concourse are divided into four flights by rails. The left-hand two flights (northeast end) are entrances, the others exits. Go down eight steps, going southeast, into the lower concourse. There's tactile flooring at the top and bottom of these steps.

The lower concourse is divided into entrance and exit areas by a row of pillars and paper racks which starts opposite the 2 entrance flights of stairs.

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  Station Supervisor's Office
3 ticket machines
HSBC cash machine
2 ticket machines
blank door

Tensa barriers leading to two ticket sales windowhs.

East Side, Going South

  manual gate
2 entrances

Barrier juts back (northwest) then continues southwest with

  5 exits
luggage point

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

help point
Tube map

Inside the Gates

You go down the steps into the lower concourse and, having gone through the gates, bear right down the escalator. There are three escalators, a pair and a single. The single lies southeast of the pair and normally goes down.

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  assistance window
wall veers right to become south side
blank door
fan, on wall
unmanned assistance box

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  single escalator, normally descending
wall juts northeast
Northwest Wall
  blank door
Continuing Southwest Wall
  fire extinguishers
pair of escalators, normally ascending
door with "Danger" sign
wall retreats southwest
Southeast Wall
Continuing Southwest Wall
  2 fire extinguishers
doorway to stairs to Northern line and Mainline via spiral stairs
blank cupboard

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  luggage point
5 automatic exits
gate line retreats northwest with barrier on southwest side
gate line continutes, running north
2 automatic entrances
manual gate

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