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This is a through station on the City Branch of the Northern Line and the suburban mainline from Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City. Both lines run approximately north/south through the station, the suburban line running above that of the Northern.


The main concourse is divided into two areas separated by a flight of steps. The upper level, which we'll call the upper concourse (Subway in the tactile map), gives access to the eight entrances/exits to street level, whilst the lower section, which we'll call the lower concourse (Concourse, in the tactile map) , contains the ticket sales windows and gate line, gives access to an intermediate level via escalators or stairs, which we'll call the intermediate level. There are three escalators, one single and one pair, running northeast/southwest with the single escalator to the southeast of the pair. The single escalator is normally descending.

The spiral staircase descends via 109 steps in all, to the intermediate level. This is signed as an emergency exit.

The intermediate level (the Lower concourse in the tactile map) consists of passages between the spiral stairs, escalators and stairs to platforms. People are encouraged to circulate in a clockwise direction through these passages and the crossings between the platforms. We found people finding their own way, through whichever passage was convenient, during our survey. See the Intermediate Level description for details of these passages.

Stairs from the intermediate level give access to all platforms - the Northern line below, the suburban railway above this level.

The Northern Line, platforms 1 and 2 share an island platform with platform 1, northbound towards Angel and Kings Cross lying west of platform 2, towards Bank. The passages joining these platforms are signed so as to encourage people to circulate clockwise through the station, though we found people finding their own way.

The suburban railway, platforms 3 and 4 share an island platform with platform 3, northbound towards Welwyn Garden City, lying west of platform 4, towards Moorgate.


Although there is stairs-only access through this station, there is no step-free access, except between street level and the upper concourse. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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