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The main concourse is circular with exits 1 - 4 emerging tangentially from it. The north quarter (between exits 1 and 4) is taken up with the ticket sales booths and gate line.

Exit 1 emerges southeast into the concourse, exit 2 west, exit 3 east and exit 4 southwest. The passage from the exit concourse enters from the northeast.

As there are no straight sides, we'll describe the features going clockwise from the stairs at exit 1.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

  stairs from exit 1
passage from exit concourse

The south wall of the passage juts out, west, with

  Finlay's snacks
pillar with help point to right

Continuing Round the Concourse, Beyond the Passage

  2 ticket machines
2 fast ticket machines
Nationwide cash machine
2 fast ticket machines
leaflet rack
Oyster card top-up machine
blank door
recess for exit 2 and 3

The Recess for Exits 2 and 3

Turn left 180 degrees (east) to locate the stairs from exit 2.

There are large pillars across this recess, in line with the outer wall of the concourse.

South Wall, Going West from the Foot of the Steps

  Station Supervisor's office
Tube map
blank door

West Side

  stairs to exit 3

Continuing Round the Concourse, from Exit 3

  2 billboards
Oyster helpline phone on pillar to right
3 fast ticket machines
fares information
ticket machine
HSBC cash machine
Oyster card vending machine
blank door
three ticket sales windows

Move to the end of the barrier and follow it round 180 then 180 degrees to locate 3 ticket sales booths.

Continuing Round the Concourse, Beyond the ticket sales booths


South Wall of Recess

  blank door

West Wall

  5 fast ticket machines
fares information
blank door
3 billboards

North Side

  stairs to exit 4

East Side

blank door

Continuing Northeast, from Exit 3

  blank door
2 fire extinguishers
gate line

The Gate Line

This is what we found during our original survey - mid morning, we noted no definite pattern to the order of entrance and exit gates.

  recess to barrier
newspaper stand
manual gate
7 automatic gates, both directions
luggage point
assistance booth
3 automatic gates
manual gate
8 automatic gates
luggage point
newspaper stand
2 automatic exits
luggage point
2 temporary billboards, at the time of our survey

The gate line meets the outer wall of the concourse, left (north) of exit 1. There is a blank door in this wall, before the exit.

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

This is an open area between the gates and escalators, which lead north towards the intermediate level.

The left-hand (west) pair lead towards the northbound, whilst the right-hand pair lead towards the southbound and Central Line. At the time of our survey, the left-hand escalator of each pair was the one you needed, however, this may change during peak times.

The following directions are given for guidance:

  • From exit 1 turn right 90 degrees (west), through the gates, the first pair of escalators, (after a recess with blank doors) on your right (north) is to the Bakerloo and Victoria Line southbound and Central line. The station Control Room juts out between this and the next pair of escalators, for the northbound Victoria and Bakerloo Lines.
  • From exit 2 turn right (north), through the gates and straight forward to the escalators. The station Control Room is between the escalators to the northbound (left), southbound and Central on your right.
  • From exit 3, turn left (north), through the gates and straight forward to the escalators. The station Control Room is between the escalators to the northbound (left), southbound and Central on your right.
  • From exit 4, bear left, into the concourse, then turn left (east) through the gates. The first pair of escalators on your left (north) descends to the northbound Bakerloo and Victoria lines. Continue (east), past the station Control Room to the escalators to the southbound and Central line.

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