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The area inside the gates can be regarded as a C-shaped space, with the arms pointing northwest. The main gate line lies south of this. The three escalators from the exit section of the intermediate level enter the end of the southwest arm of the C, whilst a manned assistance booth effectively separates the two arms.

The two escalators from the Central Line enter from the east towards the northeast end of the spine, whilst the northwest end of the northeast arm contains a secondary gate line to a passage leading northwest towards the main concourse.

The area outside the gates is an irregular shaped space with exit 6 leaving from a point to your left (east of the gate line, exits 7 and 8 leaving from a recess along the east side, whilst exit 5 leaves from a point to your right (west) of the gate line. Much of this area seemed to be under refurbishment at the time of our survey.

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

Following the Inside, Starting Northeast

  single escalator from intermediate level
blank wall
pair of escalators from intermediate level
manned assistance window, facing southwest, across the top of the escalators

The booth has another window, facing southeast, beyond which

  blank door, on northeast side

The gate line to the main concourse runs northeast from here containing

  3 exits
manual gate
3 exits
luggage point

Following the Outside, from the End of the Gate Line Towards the Main Concourse

  blank wall
2 escalators from Central Line into east side

The main gate line starts a little south of these.

  manual gate
3 exits
4 exits
luggage point
3 exits

The blank wall curves round, from the end of the gate line to the single escalator from the intermediate level.

There are 2 pillars in the concourse, between the escalators from the intermediate level and the gates. The following rough directions are given for guidance.

From the top of the escalators from the Central Line, turn right for gates to the main concourse; left to other exits. Note there is a manual gate on your immediate left.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

To Locate Exit 6

Turn left at the top of any of the escalators and go through the manual gate at the left-hand end of the gate line. There is a pillar beyond the manual gate, turn sharp left, past a blank door, to exit 6. Or, from the automatic gates, go round, left of the pillar, to locate exit 6.

Going Clockwise, from the Foot of the Stairs to Exit 6

  wall juts out
pillar, in the concourse
outer wall curves left
blank door
steps up to left (north), exit 7

Beyond the stairs, in a recess between the stairs to exits 7 and 8

East Wall


There's a pillar, in the concourse, opposite here with a town map facing the gate line.

Continuing Forward from the Foot of the Stairs to Exit 7, into a Passage

  3 blank doors on left

South Wall


West Side, Going North

  stairs up to exit 8
temporary hoardings, at the time of our survey

Continuing to Follow the Outer (south) Wall, Beyond the Recess

  blank door

wall juts out north

  WH Smith, 2 entrances
help point
dry cleaner, shoe repair and key cutting

Turn right (north) to the stairs to exit 5. The gate line starts beyond the foot of the stairs.

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