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This is a through station on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines.


The Platforms

There are three island platforms

The western end of the Central Line island is linked by passages to the southern end of both islands for the Bakerloo and Victoria Lines.

Principal Levels

The station is on four principal levels, in descending order, these are:

The Concourse Level

The concourse level consists of the main and exit concourses.

The main concourse is circular in shape with exits 1 to 4 leaving the circle at tangents. The gate line occupies the northern quarter of the circle - between exits 1 and 4.

The exit concourse is an irregular shape with exits 5 leaving from the west side, exit 6, 7 and 8 from the east. The exit via the main concourse leaves the exit concourse, via a separate gate line, from the west. Escalators from the Central Line ascend to the east side of the concourse, whilst those from the Bakerloo and Victoria ascend to the northwest corner. The gate line forms an arc from south of the escalators from the Central Line to north of the foot of the stairs to exit 5.

The Intermediate Level

The intermediate level consists of a north section (entrance/exit) and south section (exit only).

The north section is reached by escalators only, down from the main concourse. There are two pairs of escalators, one for the northbound and the other for the southbound and Central Line.

Three escalators, one pair and one single, ascend from the exit section to the exit concourse. Escalators from the Central Line ascend from a separate exit area above the platforms towards the eastern end of the exit concourse.

The northbound and southbound sections of the rectangular north section are separated by a row of pillars . The passage to the Central Line leads to the right (east) from the foot of the escalators to the southbound section. This passage, via a pair of escalators, reaches the island platform via a bridge over the eastbound line, near the western end of the island platform.

The Bakerloo and Victoria Line Level

Each island platform of the Bakerloo and Victoria lines has two central reservations. That at the north end is linked by a pair of escalators to the north section of the intermediate level and can be used as either entrance or exit. The south reservation is exit only, being linked via stairs and escalators to the exit section of the intermediate level, or via stairs to the Central Line platforms.

The south reservation of each island platform contains three parallel passages. The outer passages, nearer the platforms, lead, via steps, to the exit section of the intermediate level, whilst the central passages lead, via stairs, to the Central Line.

The Central Line Level

The entrances are towards the west end of the island platform, whilst the normal exits, via stairs and escalators are east of these, towards the middle of the platforms.

Passages from the west end of the Central Line platforms lead, via stairs to each Bakerloo and Victoria Line island platform and to the exit section of the intermediate level.


There is no step-free access to this station.

There is escalator-only access between the concourses and intermediate level, though there is stairs access between platforms

We therefore believe this station is inaccessible to wheelchair users. Guide Dog users can change platforms but would need to arrange to have an escalator stopped to enter or leave the station.

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