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This is a through station on the Bakerloo Line, running approximately east/west, the Circle and District lines, running approximately northeast/southwest, through the station.


This station has three concourses, each with it's own ticket sales facilities and gate line:

The London Street Concourse gives access to the Bakerloo Line, which is served by an island platform 3, northbound and 4, southbound, with platform 3 lying south of platform 4.

The Underground and Praed Street concourses give access to the Circle and District lines, which are served by separate platforms. Platform 1 (westbound) lies southeast of platform 2 (eastbound.A passage links the Underground and London Street concourses, whilst a more complex configuration involving two bridges links the Underground and Praed Street concourses.

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There is stairs access throughout this station. However, there is only step-free access to the eastbound Circle and District lines (platform 2) via the lift from the refreshments section of the mainline station.

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