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This is a rectangular area leading southeast from the foot of the escalators from the mainline concourse, towards the passage to the Circle and District Line Platforms. A passage leads left (northeast) towards the Bakerloo Line platforms. The gate line is divided into three sections:

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  Travelex, money exchange, closed?
pillar, one metre out
tourist information and hotel reservation counter
pillar and wall juts out
quick ticket machine on corner
fare information
Oyster card vending machine
ticket machine
Oyster card top-up machine
fast ticket machine
ticket machine
fast ticket machine
2 ticket machines
blank door
queuing system for 3 ticket sales windows

The windows are numbered from 1 to 3, from the left, you follow the barrier then turn left towards the windows.

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  3 automatic entrances (for Bakerloo Line)
gate line retreats southeast
2 automatic entrances (for Circle and District lines)
manual gate
assistance booth
gate line returns with a manual gate on the southwest side
5 automatic exits
Gate line turns right, northwest
Automatic exit

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  2 phones
passage to lift serving all floors

Wall Juts Out

Northwest Side
mainline departures board

Continuing Southwest Side

  pillar, out one metre
WH Smith
wall juts out, about five metres before the up escalator fire extinguishers

Within the Concourse

Southeast of the ticket machines are two pillars which divide the walkway into thirds:

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  3 billboards
blank door
wall with billboards
passage leaving northeast to Bakerloo Line

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  Tube map
2 billboards
passage leaving southeast to Circle and District lines

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  wall with blank door
blank door
gate line

Note that, as the gate line retreats southeast, there's a pillar in that corner, inside the gate line.

There are two pillars in line with the northeast wall of the passage to the Circle and District lines.

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