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The station is located on the south side of Western Avenue which runs east/west, above the Piccadilly Line, which runs north/south.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits the west exit emerges into a triangular lay-by off Western Avenue, whilst the east exit emerges onto Western Avenue itself.

Local Road Crossings

As you turn right out of the west exit, you pass a sandwich bar on your right before the pavement bears right into Western Avenue. There is a blank wall between this and the east entrance. Continuing (east) beyond the entrance there is a number of bike stands on your right before you reach the gap to the subway. Western Avenue is a busy dual carriage way which can only be crossed via this subway, (see the Subway page in Detailed Description for details).

Local buses, Phones and Taxis

As you leave the west exit and turn left, Stop M, (with shelter) for buses 95 and 487 to Alperton and Greenford is on your right, followed by a post box and two telephone boxes. There is a row of shops on your left, before you reach a junction with roads to your left (9 and 11 o'clock) leading round Hanger Green and one at 1 o'clock leading back onto Western Avenue. There is a cab office on the 1 o'clock road, after the car wash. Cross the two roads on your left then down the kerb and across a wide entrance to the car wash forecourt. There is a slight slope up the dropped kerb before the door to the cab office on your left.

The stop for buses to East Acton and Harlesden, 95 and 487, is in a lay-by off Western Avenue, between the stair and ramp exits from the subway. There is a gap in the railings at this point. Note that barriers in the subway to prevent its use by cyclists and skateboarders probably preclude wheelchair access to this facility.

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