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This appeared to be the only safe way to cross Western Avenue near this station. There is ramp and stairs access, but there are barriers across the ramps to reduce the speed of cyclists and skateboarders.

Via the Steps

Turn right from the station then take the turning right (south), then right (east) to go down the steps. Go down 9 then 11 steps, going west and turn right (north). There are barriers across each end of the subway to prevent cyclists and skateboarders rushing through. Go left then right to enter the subway, continue up a slight slope and go left then right again to avoid the barrier at the north end. Turn left west, go up 11 then 10 steps, going west, then turn left (south) onto the pavement on the north side of Western Avenue.

Via the Slope

Turn right from the station, take the turning right (south) into the gap and bear left (11 o'clock) down the slope. Note the barriers to prevent cyclists and skateboarders; you go right then left to avoid these. A path from the foot of the slope leads (east) to Acton Town and North Ealing. Turn right (180 degrees, northwest) to continue down the slope to the subway, avoiding barriers. Turn right (north) into the subway, avoiding barriers by going left then right. Continue (north) up a slight slope to the end of the subway, avoiding the barrier. Turn right (east) up the slope, turn right (south) at the top towards Western Avenue.

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