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The station is on an irregular shaped island at the junction of Euston Road, Great Portland Street and Marylebone Road. The arm of Great Portland Street carrying the southbound traffic, leaves Euston Road at a triangular island lying east of the station and curves round the south side of the station, before turning south towards Oxford Street. The arm of Great Portland Street carrying the northbound traffic lies too the west and, crossing Marylebone Road, enters Albany Street. There is a triangular island at the junction of the two arms of Great Portland Street. Marylebone Road lies north of the station and enters Euston Road at the junction with Great Portland Street. A few metres west of the junction with Euston Road, Osnaburgh Street enters Marylebone Road from the north, whilst Bolsover Street leaves the southbound arm of Great Portland Street and runs south.

Local Road Crossings

Pelican Crossings afford safe (ish) access to and from the station, all these are fitted with rotating cones and, due to the complex movements of fast traffic at this junction, we suggest you make careful use of these when crossing. The following crossings are available: