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The doors open on your left as you face the front of the train.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

Note that the Metropolitan Line trains are too long for the platforms at this station (and Euston Square), so the rear door of the last carriage doesn't open.

From Which Platform?

  From Platform 1, Westbound
From Platform 2, Eastbound

From Platform 1, Westbound

You should go into the first gap from the front of the train. Go up a flight of stairs, turn left and go up another flight of stairs to the intermediate level. Turn left (180 degrees) and continue, up a slight slope. At the top, turn left again (180 degrees) and go up a flight of stairs to concourse level.

Continue, through the Concourse

From Platform 2, Eastbound

You should go through the gap nearest the rear of the train. Go up one flight of stairs, turn right, go up a flight of stairs before turning right again then go up another flight of stairs onto the bridge, the intermediate level.

Continue, following the right-hand side, take the turning right and go up a slight slope, if you find downward stairs you've gone too far. Turn left (180 degrees) at the top of the slope and go up the stairs to concourse level.

Turn left into the concourse. The main gate line is in front of you with the manual gate at the left-hand end and the automatic exits at the right. The gate line to the east exit is to your right, with the manual gate to the left and the exit gate at the right-hand end as you face this gate line. Go through the gates onto the island. See the Environs page for details of road crossings from this island.

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