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This is a through station on the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines which run approximately east/west.


There are two separate platforms. Platform 1, westbound lies south of platform 2, eastbound.

There are two entrances/exits, one onto Marylebone Road and the other (which I call the east entrance) onto the island facing the junction of Marylebone Road, Euston Road and the southbound arm of Great Portland Street.

The concourse is semi-circular with the ticket sales and entrance gates near the Marylebone Road entrance. Two sets of stairs, one for entrance the other exit, link the concourse to a bridge between the platforms, which we call the intermediate level. There are separate stairs, entrance and exit to each platform, between the intermediate and platform levels.


There is stairs-only access throughout this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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