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The station is located to the west of Queensbury Circle, between Turner Road which leaves to the north and Cumberland Road which leaves to the west.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a single entrance onto Queensbury Circle, you enter the station facing west.

Local Road Crossings

Zebra crossings over Turner Road and Cumberland road afford safe access to the bus stops and local shops.

Local Buses

Bus Stop AA, outside the entrance, serves buses towards Burnt Oak, Mill Hill and Stanmore, 79, 114, 288, 606 (school journey), 614 (Monday to Saturday) and N98.

Stop BB, serving buses towards Harrow or Edgware, is in Station Parade.< Leave the station, turn left and cross to the right using the zebra crossing of Turner Road. Bus Stop BB is outside the laundrette, serving 79, 114, 288, 606 (school journey), 614 (Monday to Saturday), 688 (school journey) and N98.

Local Taxis

Queensbury Station Minicabs is on the near corner of Turner Road. Leave the station, turn left and follow the pavement round, taking the left turn into Turner Road. The office is the first door on your left.

Local Features

The West Side of Queensbury Circle, Going North

West Side of Pavement

  travel agent
mini market
hair dresser
station entrance
estate agent
estate agent
Turner Road

East Side of Pavement

  tactile indicating crossing of Cumberland Road
phone box in middle, opposite travel agent
bike racks
bins, along middle
bus stop, opposite station entrance
2 phone boxes
fruit stall, in middle

East Side of Queensbury Circle (Station Parade), Going South

  news agent
cake shop
Bus Stop BB, on right

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