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There are two steps between the pavement and concourse , at the regular entrance and exit, which are on the east side of the concourse. There is, however, a step-free entrance underneath the Hilton Hotel, on the south side. We understand this is normally only open during peak hours.

The main concourse is a rectangular space divided into two by the gate line the entrance section of which runs northeast/southwest, whilst the exit section runs north/south.

The area outside the gates at the south entrance is a confined space with a help point on the left-hand (west) wall as you enter.

You enter and leave the lifts facing west. A passage leads north then east from the lift exits to the gate line.

The Main Concourse, Outside the Gates

South Side, Going West

  help point
3 ticket machines
blank door
2 ticket sales windows
gate line

Noarthwest Side, Going Northeast

  manual gate
2 auto entrances
gate line veers left (north)
2 auto exits

North Side


East Side, Going South


Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  assistance box
gate line starts

East Side, Going South

  2 automatic exits
gate line juts inwards and veers right
2 automatic entrances
manual gate
assistance box

South Side, Going West

  Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
automatic gate (exit at the time of our survey)

This entrance/exit is normally only open during peak hours.

West Side, Going North

  entrance to spiral staircase
fire point
alcove into passage with 2 lifts
exit passage, from lifts, leading east

From the Lifts

You leave the lifts, facing west into a passage which runs right (north) then turns right (east) towards the gates. The exit gates are in front of you, with the manual gate at the right-hand end of the gate line. Note that there's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate to your right which is normally available during peak hours.

The Passage, Going North from the Lifts

Right-Hand (East) Side

  fire extinguishers

Left-Hand (West) Side

  2 blank doors

The Passage Leading East

  Station Supervisor's office, on right
passage to south exit, across lift entrances

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