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The exit is the first passage from the rear of the westbound, front of the eastbound train.

There's tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

The doors open on your right as you face the front of the train. Go to the rear of the train (westbound), or front (eastbound) and take the first passage from the end of the platform. Take the turning left (westbound), or right (eastbount), go up a flight of stairs and turn right.

As you follow the left wall, the entrance to the spiral staircase is the first turning, followed by the two lift entrances.

Via the Spiral Stairs

Take the first turning on your left and follow the wall on your right till you reach the foot of the stairs. Go up six flights of stairs, spiralling clockwise then follow the outer wall and go up the final (straight) flight of stairs to the concourse. Continue, through the passage into the concourse and bear left (about 10 o'clock) to locate the exit gates. The barrier is in front of you, with the assistance box to your right and the manual gate to the left of this. There's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate to your right, at the south entrance, which is normally only available during peak hours.

Via the Lifts

Although you call the lifts via the button between the lift doors, the rest of the operation is automatic. There are clear announcements, see the Lifts page for details. Note, when you enter the lifts, that the exit doors may also be open.

At the top, turn right and follow the passage round to your right into the concourse. You'll turn 180 degrees in all.

As you enter the concourse, the exit gates are in front of you, the assistance box and manual gate are at the right-hand end of the gate line and there's a Wide Aisle Gate to your right which is normally only available during peak hours.

For the main exit, go through the gates and continue forwards, down two steps into Queensway. If you use the Wide Aisle Gate, you leave via a step-free exit onto Bayswater Road.

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