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This is an island platform running east/west with platform 1, westbound lying south of platform 2, eastbound.

Platform 1 is narrower than platform 2 and lies a few metres west, such that the west end of platform 1 extends west of the end of platform 2. Similarly, the east end of platform 2 extends east of the end of platform 1.

Note that platform 1 is very narrow beyond the steps to the concourse and we recommend you don't travel in the front car of the train if you intend to get out at this station.

The steps from the concourse are towards the west end of the platform - towards the front of westbound, or rear of eastbound trains.

There are two sets of steps into the intermediate level from about in the middle of the platform. Steps from the west stairwell descend east into passage 1 of the intermediate level, whilst those from the east stairwell descend west into this passage.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

There are two rows of pillars, about a metre apart, along each platform from the east end, these give way to single rows of larger pillars towards the west.

To Reach

The stairs leave from the northeast corner of the concourse. Go down 13 then 12 steps, going east, onto the platform. Platform 1, westbound is to your right, you're beside the front half of the train. Platform 2, eastbound, is to your left, you're towards the rear of the train.

The Platforms, from the East

The east end is denoted by a flower bed, there's a slope off the end of platform 1.

  flower bed , slope at south side, end of platform 1
gap through, via pavement, between flower bed and building
housing with TV screens and mirror
building starts
help point, each platform
line map
Station Supervisor's office, button to left of door, on platform 2
2 sets of back-to-back seats
help point, between inner pillars, each platform
east stairs, going down west to intermediate level
2 sets of seats, across the platform
wall with seats
west stairs, goingdown east to intermediate level
gap through
2 vacant assistance boxes
help point, each platform
billboards along middle with seats each side
directions sign, across middle of platform
steps up to concourse
help point to each side, at foot of steps
platform 2 ends, platform 1 continues
platform narrows

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