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This is an irregular shaped space with the entrance and exit to/from the shopping mall on the west and the subway towards the museums leading north. Inside the gates, the steps towards the Circle and District lines lead east from the northeast corner, whilst the escalators towards the Piccadilly Line lead east from the southeast corner, which is recessed south from the main space.

Between the Concourse and Shopping Mall

Each set of steps is divided into two sections by a central rail.

The stairs from the exit leave from the southwest corner of the concourse. Go up three then 13 steps, going west into the east side of the shopping mall.

The stairs from the entrance leave from the east side of the shopping mall. Go down 13, then three steps, going east into the northwest corner of the concourse.

Outside the Gates

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  fire equipment
blank door
map machine
wall veers left to become south side
blank door

West Side, Going North

  steps up west to exit
A & M Confectionary
stairs down from entrance

North Side, Going East

  pillar with two phones
wall retreats with billboards
wall retreats again with Tube map
Oyster card dispenser
blank door
subway to museums, wall retreats twice with blank door on west side of first
3 leaflet racks

East Side, Going South

  8 ticket machines
fares information
blank door
Tensa queuing system for ticket sales windows
assistance window
wall juts out and back again
ticket sales window
manual gate
10 automatic gates, the left-hand ones are normally the ones you need

You queue from the north, turn left then right again past the ticket sales windows, towards the gate line.

Within the Concourse

There's a pillar east of each set of stairs between the concourse and shopping mall.

Inside the Gates

East Side, Going South

  stairs to Circle and District lines, keep left
line maps
slight slope up
help point, just beyond the top of the slope
line map
passage to escalators, to Piccadilly Line

This passage leaves the southeast corner of the concourse, so that the right (south) wall, as you enter the passage angles right (to become the southwest wall). This then retreats south into the area at the top of the escalators.

North Side, Going East

fire extinguisher
wall juts out south before escalator

East End, Going South

  down escalator
up escalator

South Side, Going East

  wall retreats south
blank door
fire extinguisher
wall juts out

West Side, Going South

  double blank door
entrance to main concourse, slight angle to right, northwest

Continuing Round the Concourse, Following the Angled Wall (southwest side)

wall juts out northeast
assistance box, jutting out
blank wall with equipment, in alcove
pillar, suggest keep to right of this
blank door
gate line starts

West Side, Gate Line, Going North

  luggage point
3 exits
pillar, gate line retreats west
7 gates, pillar in middle
gate line juts back east
4th pillar, in corner of gate line
barrier running east/west to the manual gate

North Side, Going East from the Manual Gate

  assistance window
blank door
leaflet rack
top of stairs to Circle and District line

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