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The station has an entrance and exit into the east side of a shopping mall which runs approximately north/south. The entrance to the station is north of the exit.

The north end of the mall leads onto Thurlow Street, which runs east/west. The south end of the mall leads to Pelham Street, which runs east/west. You're opposite a "K" junction, from which Old Brompton road runs southwest and Onslow Square runs southeast.

Entrances and Exits

As you move south along the left-hand (east) side of the shopping mall, you reach the first gap which is the entrance, the exit is a few metres beyond this.

To enter the station, you go down 13 then three steps, going east into the concourse. Each set of steps is divided into two sections by a central rail.

From the concourse, you go up three then 13 steps, going west to reach the exit.

Local road Crossings

There is a traffic light controlled crossing, with no pedestrian control, , just outside the mall, which takes you via 3 sections to the Old Brompton Road or Onslow Square.

Local Buses

There are two bus stops with shelters on Thurlow Street, east of the mall. The nearest, stop G is for buses towards West Brompton and Earl's Court: 49, 70, 345 (24 hour), 360 towards Sloane Square, 430 and C1.

The second, stop H, is for buses towards Putney: 14, 74, 414, N74 and N97.

Local Features

Details of the shopping mall and other nearby retail outlets lie beyond the scope of this survey. There are Nationwide and HSBC cash machines on the opposite side of the mall, between Photofast and Treats.

The Subway to Museums leaves from the north side of the concourse, between the entrance and the ticket sales windows.

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