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This is the main entrance to the station. The section of the building facing the road junction is curved so that four sets of steps at pavement level, converge into two at concourse level.

As you enter the station, the ticket sales facilities and entrance gates are to your left.

The escalators to the intermediate level leave (west) from the far right-hand side of this space, as you enter, though the concourse itself appears to be oriented northwest/southeast. As a result, when entering the station, you bear right then left, beyond the gate line. When leaving, you bear right from the top of the escalators towards the exit gates.

The lift between concourse and street level is in a short passage leading northeast before the foot of the steps, whilst the lift between concourse and platform level is in a passage leading north before the top of the escalators.

The Concourse, Outside the Gates

Southeast Side

  steps from street level, divided by a central rail

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  ticket machine
fares information
fast ticket machine
ticket machine
leaflet rack
blank door
2 assistance and ticket sales windows

Northwest Side

  gate line

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  Tube map
pillar with two phones
lift to street level

The Concourse, Inside the Gates

West Side, Going North

  down escalator, to intermediate level
central escalator, direction may vary
up escalator, from intermediate level

North Side, Going East

  passage to lift
Station Supervisorís office

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  manual gate
6 automatic exits
manual gate
circular assistance booth
manual gate
5 automatic entrances
manual gate

The Passage to the Lift

You go through the door signed emergency exit, into a passage leading north.

Right-Hand (East) Side


North End, Going West

  doors signed emergency exit, presumably steps to Blackfriars Road
help point

West side, Going North

  blank wall
door to lift, controls on left

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