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This is a through station on the Jubilee Line, which runs approximately east/west through the station.


There's one island platform, running approximately east/west with platform 1, westbound lying south of platform 2, eastbound. The central reservation provides level access between each platform, plus a raised area at the foot of the escalators. There is lift access to platform 1 and from here onto platform 2, via the central reservation.

There are two entrances/exits to this station, each of which has its own concourse. The main entrance is into the east concourse, which lies below street level, whilst that from Waterloo East Station is into the west concourse. escalators from each concourse lead to an intermediate level.

The intermediate level is a passage, running approximately east/west with escalators to the central reservation of the platform leaving from the north side.

There is stairs and lift access between street level and the east concourse. There is also lift access between platform level and the east concourse. There is, however, no lift access to/from the west concourse, though there is stairs access between the west concourse and the intermediate level.

Note that, if you wish to walk through the station, between Waterloo East and the street, you'll need to buy a platform ticket or "Swipe" your Oyster card at each gate line.


There is lift access between street and platform level at the main entrance. We therefore believe this is accessible to wheelchair and Guide Dog users. There is, however, only stairs and escalator access between the west concourse and intermediate level then escalator-only access between here and the raised section of the central reservation between the platforms. We therefore believe this route through the station is inaccessible to wheelchairs and Guide Dog users.

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