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This is a terminus station, so this section is merely included for completeness and compatibility with our other guides.

The doors will open on your right if you arrive on platform 1, otherwise on the left.

Platforms 1 - 2 are the original island platform which contains two buildings beyond the front of the train. Note that the front of the trains is some distance from the beginning of the platform.

Platform 3 is a separate platform along the west side of the station. There's a rail extending about 40 metres from the beginning of the platform to the rear of the departing train. This means that, to change to/from platform 3 requires you to walk or run about 80 metres.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From Platforms 1 - 2

Go beyond the front of the train, continue to the gate line then turn left. Continue to the wall in front of you then turn left onto platform 3. Continue to the end of the rail on your left to reach the rear of the train.


From Platform 3

Go beyond the front of the train and continue to the beginning of the platform and turn right. Take the turning right, onto the island platform. Platform 1 is to your right, platform 2 to your left. Continue, beyond the second building to reach the rear of the first train. Note that more than one train may be standing at the platform.

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