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This feature is on two levels. The main entrance is at street level, leading into a rectangular concourse, whilst the ticket sales area is at platform level, down 48 steps or a long ramp from street level into the car park, then up again to platform level.

The street Level Concourse

North Side

  main entrance

East Wall, Going South

  blank door
4 seats
help point
paper rack
blank door

South Side

  steps down to the ticket sales area

West Wall, Going North

  ladies toilets and baby changing room
4 seats
2 phones
fire extinguisher
closed window to taxi office

The Steps to the Ticket Sales Area

There are three flights of 16 steps going down south to the ticket sales area. These are divided into two sections by a central rail, we understand you're asked to keep right. There's tactile flooring at the top and bottom of these stairs.

The Ticket Sales Area

North Side, Going East

  touch screen ticket machine
fares information
ticket machine
steps from the street level concourse

East Side

  path from car park

South Side, Going West

  blank door
Tube map
help point
fire extinguisher
manual gate
2 auto exits
2 auto entrances
manual gate

West Wall, Going North

  3 ticket sales windows, middle one normally open
door to ticket office

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