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The station is located on the south side of a service road off London Road. This service road consitutes a lay-by serving buses, a few shops and the station itself.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two entrances, the main entrance is on the south side of the service road, whilst the other, some distance east of the station leads into the car park.

The Main Entrance

You enter a small concourse at street level, before going down three flights of 16 steps into the ticket sales area at platform level.

The Car Park Entrance

This entrance offers step-free access to the ticket sales area.

As you face the main entrance, turn left and continue past the end of the building. Continue, past a seat and bike stands then locate a gap in the chainlink fence. Turn right (south), go down 10 then 15 steps, going south, separated by a downward slope, then turn left (east). Locate the metal stairs and go down 16 steps, going south, to reach the northwest corner of the car park.

Note, There is a ramp beside these steps.

To the Ticket Sales Area

From the northwest corner of the car park, go up the metal stairs 16 steps going north, or ramp. Turn left (west) and continue, past the stairs from the service road on your right, down a slight slope, till you reach a wall, turn left (south) then take the turning right (west). This brings you into the east side of the ticket sales area.

Local Road Crossings

As you leave the station via the main entrance, cross the service road onto the reservation between the service road and London Road.

Continue, through a gap in the low fence, turn left and locate the tactile paving indicating the crossing of London Road. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving at each end and a sounder. There's a post with push button to each side as you cross in either direction, though there's only a rotating cone to your right.

Local Buses

The main entrance is approximately 20 metres west of the H12 bus terminus and a similar distance east of the pick-up stop for the H12 to South Harrow and the 142 to Watford. At the time of our survey, this was a temporary stop, we presume Bus Stop A will be set up once building work is complete.

Bus Stop B, for buses to Edgware, serving 142 and 615 (Monday to Friday), is on the opposite side of London Road, turn right from the crossing and continue, past the end of the railings on your right.

Local Taxis

A taxi office, Jubilee Cars, is adjacent to the station, being the first door on the left as you leave the station via the main entrance.

Local Features

The Station Building, from the East End

4 seats
station entrance
Tube map
Jubilee Cars, taxi office
news agent

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