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This station offers stairs access via the main entrance and step-free access via the ramp from the car park.

Note that the step-free route could be difficult for some users as the ramp is quite steep. If you don't have access to a vehicle, you'll also have to descend to the foot of the ramp via the car park entrance, I think the car park is about ten metres below street level.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform. Note that a metal rail extends along each platform to just before the rear of the train. We estimate this to be about 30 metres along the island platform 1 - 2 and about 40 metres along platform 3.

From Which Entrance?

  From the Main Entrance
From the Step-Free Entrance

From the Main Entrance

Enter the concourse and continue forward to locate the steps approx 10 metres ahead of you. Go down three flights of 16 steps to reach the ticket sales area.

The gates are approximately six metres beyond the bottom step. The manual gates are on either side of the automatic ones and the ticket sales window is to your right. The right-hand gates are normally the ones you need. Go through the gates.

From the Step-Free Entrance

As you face London Road, the ramp leaves from the left-hand corner of the car park , go up the ramp then take the turning left towards the station.

Continue to the wall, then turn left and take the turning right into the ticket sales area. The ticket sales window is in front of you and the gate line to your left. There's a manual gate, followed by two automatic exits, two automatic entrances and a second manual gate. Go through the gates.

For the island platform 1 - 2, continue to the first building. Turn right for platform 1, left for platform 2.

A metal railing runs along each edge of the island platform to the rear of the first train (approx 30 metres beyond the start of the building). Note that there could be more than one train at the platform.

For platform 3, turn right, continue to the end of this path then turn left onto the platform. Continue forward to the rear of the train, which is beyond the end of the rail on your left, about 40 metres.

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